Getting There:

START/FINISH: Delaware State Park



DATE: Saturday March 16, 2019

TIME: 8:00 am, course closes at 1:00 pm (5 hour limit – 16:07 per mile pace for 30K and 30:00 per mile for ten mile).

PRICING: Prices for 2019 are as follows; Registration opens at midnight on New Years Eve! Price is the same for both of Seamus' races, so enter the 30K and really get your money's worth! Up for an added challenge? Enter the DOUBLE POSSUM and get training!!!!

NEW YEARS DAY ONLY $65.00 (Seamus Only)

Jan. 2-Feb 28                    $75.00 (Seamus Only)

March 1-17               $85.00 (Seamus Only)



Enter the "DOUBLE POSSUM"  and Save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prices to enter either Seamus' 10 miler or 30k AND The Playin' Possum 50k (to be held 5/18/2019) are as follows:

NEW YEAR'S DAY ONLY            $125.00 (2 event package)

Jan. 2- March 15                            $140.00 (2 event package)

Delaware State Park, 5202 US Highway 23N, Delaware, OH, 43015

From Delaware, Ohio, head north on US 23 N for 6.4 miles (One mile beyond Railroad Underpass). Turn right at Delaware State Park Sign. Upon entering the park please take your THIRD right hand turn (the second right hand turn will be the entrance to the beach area, which will be closed) and follow the road approximately 1/4 mile until you dead end into a parking lot with a pavilion. Traffic and activity at the park this time of year will be very limited and you will find us very easily. We will also have a sign directing you when/where to turn.


POST RACE FESTIVITIES: A post race party will be held at Stass' Brewery, Delaware's BEST Brew Pub! It is St. Patrick’s Day weekend after all! Stass' is located at 31 W. Winter St,. In Delaware. Head on over there after the race, beginning at 11am, for free chili, soup, bread, snacks, and soft drinks. The bar will be serving so you also might choose to bring a few dollars and sample one of their fine microbrews, including "Avoid The Road Red"--a brew concocted in our honor!

PERKS: Each starter will receive a high-quality tech-fabric shirt, a goodie-bag with items from our sponsors, full access to aid stations and a unique finisher’s award.

PACKET PICK-UP: Friday March 15, 2017 at Stass' (See address above) 6-8 pm or race morning from 6:00-7:40 am. Race packets will not be mailed.

COURSE INFO: The course for this race is beautiful with a great variety of terrain and views. As you might expect from a trail race there are many roots, rocks, rolling hills, and the potential for mud, rain, snow, ice. Despite this the race has a forgiving surface and is considered to be less intense and technical than some other trail races in our region. For this reason we think that this course is ideal for an experienced marathoner who wishes to go for a fast time or for a 10K or half marathon runner who seeks to set a new personal record for their longest run ever, in a setting that will allow them to enjoy their experience. These races also might serve as outstanding “training races” for the Playin’ Possum 50K which will be held on many of these same trails on May 18! Because of the generous time allowances it is also a good event for someone seeking to fast-hike either of the distances.…expect to get wet. The trail is rolling and potentially muddy but it is non-technical enough to allow a runner to appreciate their surroundings as they move through an area that was a farming community 35 years ago before the land was restored. An astute runner will be able to see signs of old hedgerows, bases of buildings, barb-wire fencing posts and abandoned farm roads…but only if you look closely. The northernmost part of the course travels through a nationally known bird sanctuary before the runners turn and head for home. The ten mile race will utilize the same trail system used for the 30K course and will have access to similar aid.

PLEASE NOTE: The race directors reserve the right to adjust this course if asked to do so by ODNR or State Park officials, or to otherwise enhance runner safety in the event of severe flooding or very inclement weather….but please expect SOME mud, ice, and other nastiness we all LOVE about trail races!

AID STATIONS: There will be fully functioning aid stations on the course that, because of the out-and-back nature of the course, will be available to the runners approximately every 4 miles. There will also be a fully-stocked aid station at the start/finish area.  All Aid stations will have water, pretzels, potato chips, cookies, candy, soda, and electrolyte nutrition products. In an effort to minimize trash and waste, all participants are encouraged to carry a water bottle. Runners may not accept any aid from anyone (crew, family, friend, moving vehicle, bicycle,) beyond 200 feet of an Aid Station.

REST ROOMS: There are several restrooms along the course. Please keep your eyes open for them! Please know that, due to the time of year, the only restrooms open will be "pit" style commodes. We have decided against using chemical toilets due to toxicity, odor, and expense. Lines may form. Please plan accordingly.

DROP BAGS: An area for drop bags is available at the Start/Finish/10 Mile mark. Bring your drop bags with you to the start of the race. If you place large, readable numbers on your bags we will be happy to organize them and assist you in finding them. Please collect your belongings at the finish. We are not responsible for lost items and we will not mail drop bags or other items left at the race. Any items left behind will be laundered and given to charity.

PARKING: Parking will be located immediately adjacent to the start/finish area but might be somewhat limited. Please carpool if possible.

AWARDS: In the 30K, awards will be presented to the first 3 Male and Female Overall, and the first place Male/Female in the following age divisions: 0-19 yrs., 20-29 yrs, 30-39 yrs,, 40-49 yrs, 50-59 yrs, 60+ yrs. No duplicate awards. In the 10 mile, awards will be presented to the first 2 Male and Female Overall, and the first place Male/Female in the following age divisions: 0-29 yrs, 30-39 yrs,, 40-49 yrs, 50+ yrs. No duplicate awards.Finisher awards for all finishers. The finishers awards are cooler than the overall awards because that’s how we roll : ).

REGISTRATION: Please go to for all registration information. A link to Ultrasignup is located on the home page of this site. Registration opens at Midnight on New Years Eve! Please note that early registrants will receive the best pricing and that we offer a special deal for those of you interested in completing BOTH this event and the Playin' Possum 50K on May 18, 2019 (see info. below).  THE PROCEEDS FROM THIS RACE AND THE PLAYIN’ POSSUM 50K GO TO BENEFIT ATHLETES WITH DISABILITIES IN THE DELAWARE, OH.  AREA.  We cannot guarantee correct shirt sizes for entries received after March 9. We are limiting participation. We do expect the race to sell out. Early registration is encouraged.

SPECIAL OFFER: Runners who sign up for the Playin' Possum 50K, to be held at Delaware State Park on May 18, 2019 will receive a fifteen dollar coupon-discount toward their participation in Seamus O’Possum’s 30K and Ten Mile Trail Footraces.

REFUND POLICY: No refund of entry fees once you are registered for the race.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Should the race be cancelled due to inclement weather or the course closed due to hazards entry fees will immediately be applied to the follow year’s race. Entry fees will not be refunded.

DROPPING: Never drop out of the race by abandoning the course between aid stations and going “home.” If you must drop please report to an Aid Station or Finish Line. Runners who drop without reporting to an Aid Station or Finish Line will not be allowed to participate in this event in the future.

DISQUALIFICATION POLICY: The race cut off of 5 hours is strictly enforced. The aid stations close accordingly. If a runner is unable to keep the appropriate pace and is in danger of missing the 5 hour cut off they will be asked to remove themselves from the race. This cut-off is in place for the safety of the runner as well as those who would need to search for runners on the course. If a runner finds him or herself off the course they must return to the place on the course where they left the course and proceed from that point forward. They may not accept a ride back to the point where they left the course.

 LITTER: If you litter you are disqualified forever. We are not joking, and we will enforce this rule. We know that in road races runners simply drop their cups and goo packets as part of the normal culture. And that’s fine for road races. But in trail races this is very harshly discouraged. If this is your first trail race please be aware that all of the cool kids never litter. Ever.

ALCOHOL: Look, we enjoy a tasty bevy as much as the next person, but rules are rules and ODNR prohibits alcohol in public areas in every state park.

ETIQUETTE:  Remember that we are guests in the park. It is important that we demonstrate we are good stewards of the trails so that we can continue to have this event year after year.

PACERS: No pacers without specific permission from the race directors. We will only approve pacers in the case of runners with specific need of special attention. Your loved ones ARE welcome, however, to run the last mile with you from the Mink Run Trail Head to the finish.

*FAMILY/CREW/SPECTATOR ACCESS: There are opportunities for your loved one to view your progress and cheer you on. In fact they can see you at the start/finish area and they may also view you at the entrance and exit of Mink Run Trail, or the Delaware Dam area. Please limit your crew to access points at the Start/Finish andMink Run Trail sections ONLY! Please remember that we are guests in the park and we wish to avoid illegal parking and traffic tie-ups. Failure to abide by these limitations could result in traffic or parking violations or disqualification of the runner. Directions to the Mink Run Trail as follows:

Entrance to Mink Run Trail: Approx. 1 and 9 mile points.

Follow the park road from the Start/Finish area, bearing right and continuing approximately 1/2 mile until it dead ends into a parking lot. Please watch for Possums crossing the road!

Dam Parking Lot/Aid Station: Approximately the 14 mile mark.

Exit the main park and proceed SOUTH on US 23 approximately 1 mile. Watch for Dam Parking lot on the LEFT. The sign at the entrance to the parking lot reads "Delaware Lake".